Prop it Like it's Hot- Why props should be your BFF

I'm often inspired by the creativity of the neighborhood children, taking every little thing in front of them and turning it it to a toy, a prop for their imagination.

It reminds me of what I love so much about creating an environment to inspire movement exploration. The use of the props and equipment inspires such creative and natural movement in the body because it allows for pain free, easy, fun movement. It's like the old days playing as a kid again.

Props are also an important tool to allow us to rest better to be able to play more!

To improve mobility and bring your body back in to tune it is essential that your body feels safe, comfortable and relaxed. Meet your mobility where it is at now and it will open up easier and maintain the mobility over time with the use of props.

Need movements to practice with your props that will create change quickly? Check out this blog post on the value of improving your tune with rest postures.