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My artistic and creative approach to movement will teach you to listen to the body and move mindfully so you can get your athlete on the field quickly and feel fulfilled and creative within your practice.


Hey, I’m Anna and I’m an athletic trainer, movement educator, fitness fanatic, speaker, serial people-pleaser and constant learner. With more than 15 years of hands-on athletic training experience and development, I’ve mastered my own technique in helping athletes listen to their own body and make moves to help the body heal itself.

Between my blog, Movement Map Webinar, Group Mentorship Program, speaking and consulting, I educate fellow athletic healthcare practitioners so that they can take ownership of their practice. You’ll be blown away by how much you’ll learn from many different philosophies, approaches and methods all boiled down into my tried-and-true, unique approach to sports medicine.


The MovementREV Method

Self-care and awareness are the cornerstones of the MovementREV Method, which allows me to be more present and in the moment with each athlete I work with. This gives me the ability to truly feel what their body has to share through a precise and specific evaluation and treatment approach.

Cultivate Awareness

We are sensory beings. The more you create awareness in your own body and mind, the better you’ll be able to assess the body and mind of athlete you are treating.

Move Mindfully

Based on what you feel in your body and mind, you make moves accordingly. When you are moving mindfully or intelligently, you have purpose with your movement.

Listen To The Body

Use your hands and my teaching of assessment to listen to your athlete’s body, and let the body guide you in ideas for change.

Craft A Plan

By evaluating with the intention of listening to the body, you’re able to customize a treatment plan that makes moves to help the body heal itself.