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Rest Postures

Dr. Beach describes an assessment of biomechanical tune through identifying the ability to access the 12 common rest postures that are common to all mankind across all time frames including evolution of the species and development of each individual. They are emergent patterns of the biological system, meaning the cellular intelligence has remembered these positions of postures of rest and the ability or inability to tap into this biological memory is what allows your body to truly rest and recover allow homeostasis to occur.

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Rock Mats to Revitalize Your Sole

One of the simplest things you can do during the day that has a huge impact of the quality of your movement and your life is to spend time barefoot. Your feet along with your hands happen to be four of the most important sensory organs you have, although typically our feet spend the day in shoes and socks, completely cut off from the environment not sensing at all. The ability to sense and explore the environment is directly linked to quality of your movement and reaction to stress both physical and emotional.

Make your own rock mat and links to my favorite commerical rock mats.

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