Foot Massage and Mobilization

Your foot is made for mobility! There are some really easy ways to improve your mobility and soft tissue quality without equipment.

Step 1 ✅- spend more time barefoot on interesting surfaces. Our foot is a sensory organ made to adapt to various surfaces and textures. I wrote another blog post about it.

Step 2 ✅- touch your feet. Going back to the basics, when you were a baby you first discovered your foot with your eyes and hands! After years of keeping your feet in “coffins” aka shoes and socks it’s like we are back at this stage! Get to know your foot again and explore it’s mobility with this video (on the right).

Step 3 ✅- use your feet and hands to create mobility and move the skin (shown in video on the left). Skin stretching and lifting is a great way to access mobility via a reflexogenic response of the free nerve endings which are in the layers of the skin.

Step 4 ✅- get a little fancier with props and movement. Need help here? Plenty of videos on my Vimeo and YouTube channels.

Technique courtesy of Phillip Beach, DO