Cervical Spine Health

In November 2017 I was able to share my approach to cervical spine health and training with the crew at Michael Boyle Strength and Conditioning. 

This opportunity arose as I shared on the Strengthcoach.com forum a cervical spine program I had put together for one of my NFL athletes. Neck training is one of those things that is still stuck in the old regimes so I wanted to provide him with a "smarter" program that really incorporated the bigger picture of head and neck control and cervical spine health. 

The role of upper extremity and scapular position cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to a happy neck. Mostly a lot of athletes and people have excessively depressed shoulders that by the shear weight of the arm and gravity place a huge amount of abnormal tension on the cervical spine.


After I posted the program and my opinion Coach Boyle had some questions for me, so we recorded a Q&A.

You can purchase full access to the 2hr in-service at MBSC on my Vimeo On Demand page HERE.