Planning a Mindful Movement Session

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Have you ever wondered how I plan my 30-45min regeneration mindful movement sessions? Well, today I’m giving you a peek into my six step process. I hope it sheds some light on what the difference is between a movement session and a mindful movement session is.

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Step one is to pick a focus or theme for the day (hips, feet, nervous system, soft tissue, dissociative/efficient movement)

Step two is to pick a teaching point- (self care, breathing, embodying anatomy)

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Mindful Movement Sequence.PNG

Step three is to start with a guided check-in.

Step four is the movement sequence, typically: breathing, side bending, flexion/extension, rotation

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Mindful Movement Dynamic Alignment.PNG

Step five is to pick thoughtful transitions from standing-to floor- to standing

Step six is another guided check-in to feel change in the body.

An example:

1. Theme- hip mobility

2. Teaching point- dissociative and efficient movement

3. Tall Kneeling check- in

4. Movement Sequence-

      >> breathing with exhale focus

      >> resisted posterio-lateral expansion

      >> thoracic spine articulation (circular)

      >> half- kneel side bending and rotation with breathing

      >> quadruped Cat/cow

      >> transition to opposite half kneel with kneeling cat

      >> pelvic clocks in quadruped

      >> quadruped rocking

      >> transition to tall kneel, half kneel to stand

      >> SL hurdle mobility with ball at knee

      >> hook lying hip flexion and circles with ball at knee

      >> quadruped hip circles ball at knee

      >> transition kneeling Cat to forward fold, to roll up to stand.

5. Transitions- tall kneel, kneeling Cat, half kneeling, roll down/up

6. Standing check-in

Anna Hartman