Online Mindful Movement Sessions:

The movement sessions are focused around mindful movement, breathing, spinal articulation, hip mobility, side body mobility and stability, and lowering and rising from the floor.

Move with Me Audio Sessions-

These audio movement sessions help to cultivate awareness and move your body intelligently. These sessions with be movement focused on verbal cueing only. This will remove your dependency on the visual system as the primary form of learning movement and exploring your body. 

14 day Make Moves Challenge-

Commit to 14 days in a row of moving your body with love and kindness, the practice really is to show up for yourself over and over. These sessions begin and end with a body scan check in to cultivate awareness and facilitate a mind-body connection.

30 day REV Up Your Day Challenge-

30 days of 15-25min mindful movement sessions to help improve the mobility, stability, and movement awareness in your body.