My one of a kind mentorship for ATs and PTs offers a new, unique perspective for sports healthcare.

This mentorship will help you be more efficient and effective in your work so you can feel inspired, successful and avoid burnout.

This 6-Month Mentorship Program Includes:
Access to a private Facebook group with weekly Q&As and virtual office hours
Live teaching sessions 1-2 times per month on 6 lessons
Access to the recorded lessons after the live session
Presentation slides, videos, handouts
2 one-on-one calls with me to keep you on track and answer any questions you have (additional calls available for additional cos

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Investment: $5000
*Payment plans are available

Program Starts March 19th, 2019!

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Lesson 01: Introduction and Performance Optimization

  • Learn how osteopathic principles guide my unique and holistic sports healthcare practice

  • Understand the value in optimizing rest as a foundation of building resiliency

  • Learn foundational strategies to balance the nervous system and facilitate improved stability and movement

Lesson 02: Cultivating Awareness and Effective Communication

  • Create a practice of self care and begin to cultivate awareness through mindful movement

  • Learn to reframe how we describe how our body feels and changes with words and communication that support neuroplasticity and long term movement pattern change

  • Create a dialogue to assist your clients in cultivating awareness and mindful movement

Lesson 03: Cueing, Movement Anatomy, and Understanding Exercise Selection

  • Learn how what you say matters and how to choose better cues to maximize motor learning and skill acquisition

  • Broaden your understanding of movement anatomy integrating bones, muscles, nerves, and organs

  • Begin to teach your clients how to embody the anatomy to further cultivate awareness and facilitate change

  • Categorize and learn movement principles to improve exercise selection and program development.

Lesson 04: Whole Body and Injury Evaluation

  • Learn how to perform each test in the MovementREV Movement Map Evaluation

  • Understand how to bridge the gap between a clinical injury or pain evaluation, a whole body evaluation, and performance

  • Utilize the MovemetREV principles and the Movement Map Evaluation to create an action plan for a current client and receive one-on-one support from Anna on interpretation of evaluation and plan of care

Lesson 05: Exercise Modifications For Injury or Pain and Workout Analysis

  • Identify common movement faults in many fundamental exercises

  • Learn how to modify common exercises in the weight room and movement training to accommodate injury, pain or limitation

  • Understand the basics of using props to create a movement experience environment to support learning and decrease injury potential

Lesson 06: Biohacking - Understanding Nutrition, Essential Oils, Travel Tips, and More

  • Learn holistic hacks for decreasing inflammation

  • Learn how to decrease post injury swelling quickly by facilitating the body’s own systems

  • Practice and teach the fundamentals of traveling well, decreasing jet lag, and maintaining the body’s natural rhythms.


"The door has opened a crack, and we can only imagine the vast expanse that is waiting behind it. Our knowledge about the human body is so small compared with the unbounded intricacy and richness it possesses. It is important to start the journey of discovery even though we cannot see where it will lead."

-Jean-Pierre Barral