Hey! I’m Anna and I’m so glad you landed here today! I’m an athletic trainer, movement educator, anatomy nerd, speaker, serial people-pleaser and constant learner based in San Diego, California. I love lounging in a hammock with a good book (or for a nap), any type of dip, fruity cocktails, staying active, and asking good questions. I’m at my best when I’m serving others and or at the beach - or better yet, both.

I absolutely believe in the body’s ability to heal itself. It sounds silly that I help people help themselves, but that’s really what my method is all about. With more than 15 years of hands-on athletic training experience and development, I’ve mastered my own technique in helping athletes listen to their own body and make moves to help the body heal itself.

I believe in the power of self-care and awareness. After losing my mom to her two-year battle with lung cancer, I had lost my passion for work, no longer felt fulfilled, and could see my own health rapidly decline. I took the next eight months off and spent that time truly taking care of myself and getting my core values of self-care and awareness aligned. Now, I practice what I preach and teach and use my methods of self-care and awareness in my practice to truly feel what an athlete’s body has to share in combination with a precise and specific evaluation and treatment approach.

During my time as an athletic trainer, I’ve worked exclusively with elite and professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, NBA, USTA, WTA, PGA, LPGA, NHL, MLS, Olympics, USATF and Division 1 universities. Along with many years of experience treating professional athletes, my sports health care practice is an integration and assimilation of over 5000+ hours of professional continuing education, blending approaches from many influences such as movement impairment systems, DNS, Pilates, yoga, EXOS, FMS, visceral and neural manipulation, and more.

Between my blog, Movement Map Webinar, Group Mentorship Program, speaking and consulting, I educate fellow athletic healthcare practitioners so that they can take ownership of their practice. You’ll be blown away by how much you’ll learn from many different philosophies, approaches and methods all boiled down into my tried-and-true, unique approach to sports medicine.

When I’m not traveling, speaking, reading, healing or teaching, you can find me close to the water with a margarita in-hand or taking even more movement and education classes - there really is no in-between!

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“Anyone can find the disease. It's the job of the practitioner to find the health." 

Andrew Taylor Still


Besides mentoring and training through my online courses and consulting, I also educate sports performance and movement professionals through speaking at various functions such as events, conferences, podcasts, and more.

As an athletic training professional, I’ve spoken or presented at the PBATS Baseball Medicine Conference, National Athletic Trainers Association Annual Symposium, The Far West Athletic Trainers Meeting, Arizona State Athletic Trainers Meeting, Rocky Mountain Athletic Trainers Association Meeting,  Korean Athletic Trainers Association Meeting, Japan Athletic Training Organization Meeting, Professional Hockey Athletic Trainers Society Annual Meeting, The Annual Meeting of the Pilates Method Alliance, just to name a few.

Typically, I speak on evaluation and functional exams, the process of returning high-performing athletes back to sports, presented case studies, talked about my approach on rest and self-care, and presented my tried and true MovementREV methodology. If you’d like to hire me to speak on one of these or a related topic, head over to my contact page to make moves.